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October 11, 2019


My hope for you is that the summer of 2019 was exceptional. The title of this blog is momentum.  Many of my clients know my thoughts on momentum...if it is lacking or slows, it can be a relationship killer and ironically, the slowdown of momentum will rapidly cause the relationship to fall apart.  Similarly, the lack of momentum in your social life as we exit the summer is concerning to me--my concern is that people will not continue to enjoy active social lives because the days are going to get shorter and its going to get colder...does not apply to warmer climes, but every geographical environment has different dating dynamics.  In the past several years, I have heard some variation of the...

July 10, 2018

Is this a Relationship-ending Argument?

Do you fear that this argument is the argument to end all arguments?  Are you concerned that you have entered into treacherous territory with this last disagreement? Please read the below article in “Reader's Digest”, which tackles these questions and also shares some warning signs so that you can perhaps avoid the break-up. Check Brooke Wise out at #2, featured in Reader's Digest “15 Types of Arguments That May Mean the End of Your Relationship”. As always, please let us know your thoughts!!

May 24, 2018

Is Your Partner Just Tolerating You?

Do you feel that your partner is just "tolerating" you versus accepting you?  That's a feeling that doesn't sit well with many people who are in a relationship.  Acceptance is critical. Please read the below article in "Bustle", which tackles this very question. Check Brooke Wise out at #1, featured in Bustle's "8 Signs Your Partner Is Tolerating You Rather Than Accepting You". As always, please let us know your thoughts!!

April 10, 2018

Can Mother Time Help My Relationship?

Do you often find yourself wondering if your relationship can get better with time?  Or are the issues just too big to overcome and the relationship is irretrievably broken? Please read the below article in "Bustle", which tackles the above questions. Check Brooke Wise out at #3, featured in Bustle's  "7 Major Relationship Problems That Can Get Better Over Time And Ones That Won't" . As always, please let us know your thoughts!!

April 4, 2018

The Areas of Compatibility that Make a Perfect Match…

Check Brooke Wise out at #5, featured in EliteDaily, "9 Matchmakers Reveal What They Look For In Setting People Up! Wise Matchmaking in Elite Daily

December 21, 2016

Brooke’s Latest from The Huffington Post: “The Right Side”

It is Oscar season again, which means Hollywood has saved its more cerebral films for release.  I do not know what the cerebral film means exactly, except that historically Marvel comic movies tend not to be in the conversation.  That aside, Tom Ford, notably a fashion icon turned movie director, has released Nocturnal Animals, a film which has now become a part of the award conversation. Recently, I watched an interview with Ford, who is easy on the eyes.  He described that he only liked to be photographed or interviewed on his good side.  This got me thinking that it is near impossible to control one's good side on social media.  Sure, you can post a portrait or photograph for which...

August 29, 2016

Brooke’s Latest from The Huffington Post: “The Virtual Love Affair…”

At dawn, you quietly retreat to another room.  You can hardly control this impulse. At breakfast, you throw your inhibitions to the wind as you stare into the abyss of what is quietly and slowly eating away at your commitment to a newfound relationship. This love affair of yours is the by-product of Harvard minds.  Whether it was started by two athletic twins or the slightly awkward guy who wears the gray t-shirts, Facebook has become a central part of the culture. Facebook is entertaining and informative. The unintended or intended consequences of its use is that it can be a habit-forming platform and can potentially damage relationships or prevent someone from entering into one. There is no surgeon general warning...

July 12, 2016

Brooke’s latest from The Huffington Post: “The ELEPHANT in the room…”

You are sitting at the restaurant.  You remember the importance of eye contact.  You are on a first date and want to make a strong impression.  Suddenly, you cannot help but stare into her blue eyes.  They are remarkable.  So too is the bright, long red ties the waitstaff are wearing. Between her blue eyes and these red ties, you find yourself stuck deep in thought.  Blue and red.  Red and blue. For years, you have avoided political discussions in the workplace.  You have hid your views from clients, patients or coworkers.  Yet, somewhere between her blue eyes and the long red tie of the waitress reciting the evening specials, how can you avoid discussing this presidential election? If it...

May 26, 2016

Brooke’s Latest from the Huffington Post: “The Ex Factor…”

After their split, the Eagles said they would get together again when Hell Freezes Over. When it froze, they found an easy title for their live album. Guns N’ Roses was pretty much gone. Yesterday, I read about the Not in this Lifetime Tour. Bands are in precarious relationships. Ego, money, spotlight, fame, outside influences and we are sad to see them split. People mourned the Beatles and that Zayne guy leaving One Direction….perhaps I should remove Zane from the same sentence as the Beatles. My apologies in advance. I do hope you keep reading. I have found relationships end for similar reasons. The question I am frequently asked is as follows: “Do I get back together with him?” “Was...

April 18, 2016

Brooke’s Latest from the Huffington Post: “Dry Wit & Sarcasm…Be Careful What you Wish for!”

I hear from clients and those who date my clients that they desire someone to match their dry witty personality. This is a euphemism for I can dish it out.  The dry wit can be construed positively, for sure.  The man or woman with the dry wit has unbelievable observational powers.  You can sit on a park bench with them, people watch, and they can dissect a passerby with pinpoint accuracy.  They narrate the inner monologue of the rollerblader (no judgments), guy carrying the frisbee (again no judgments), and the thirty-three year old wearing his fraternity sweatshirt (now I'm judging a little). Oh, but then she sets her dry, wit on you.  Can you handle it?  For some, it's banter, slight...