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Good Topics/Questions to ask on a First Date

Dating New York

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What to talk about:

Keep it light-not too heavy.  Light-hearted and fun.  Establish a connection.

Go in prepared with somewhat of a plan, but do not overthink it either

Do not worry if there are some pauses or quiet…you do not have to fill every minute with chatter and remember to listen to the other person:

  • Where are you from? Born and where did you grow up?  Where do you call home?
  • Go-to drink—alcoholic or not…coffee person? Starbucks, Duncan donuts or neither?  How do you like your coffee?
  • Admit to being nervous…
  • Perfect day?
  • Favorite place to travel you are dying to go when Covid over.
  • Favorite person to spend time with…
  • Ask about family and where family lives/etc.
  • What is on your Netflix/Amazon prime queue..what are you binging on?

What not to talk about:

1)Number 1 question not to ask…why are you still single?

2) What dating apps are you on?

3) Where do you see this relationship going?

4) Why did your last relationship end?

5) Do you own your apartment?

Politics – I think this one pretty much goes without saying. This is a topic best left for later if the dates continue. Discussing politics on a first date is a big no no.

Religion – Honestly not too far behind politics. This subject can lead to many a heated debate. Leave it for now.

Your ex – Yes, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Nobody likes hearing you complain about your ex and it’s definitely not going to get you any points on a first date.

Money – This is an area that can be a bit sensitive as well. Don’t want anyone thinking you’re bragging about how much you make nor it is great to initially discuss how you had to borrow $50 from your mom for this date.

Sex – Just no. Not on a first date. Plenty of time for this later if things go well.