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What’s in Your Backpack?

Recently, I watched the Jason Reitman film Up in the Air for a second time. George Clooney (can you blame me?) gives a remarkable soliloquy about having too much stuff in “your backpack.”

Ironically, the speech was in defense of his not being married, not wanting to be tied down, not wanting to be dependent on another.  He finds love, however, and can no longer deliver his “backpack” speech with authenticity.

This film is reminiscent of the backpacks that some of the single men and women that I speak with carry around. They “must get to CrossFit by 6 PM daily.”  They must “travel to Chile.” They must “have that Hamptons share.”  They must “___ ”

I cannot help but think of George Clooney’s character (again, can you blame me?) and a recent call I had with a brilliant man who alluded to Newton’s Law of Inertia—and I’m paraphrasing—we resist change because of fear of the unknown.  So is it the fear of the unknown (perhaps the backpacks keep people comfortable)? or that they have not found the right person?  I believe it is likely a combination of the two.

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