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The Pulp Fiction Briefcase and First Date Rejections

It is impossible to believe that Pulp Fiction is almost twenty years old. Uma was not yet with Ethan, Bruce was with Demi (Ashton was in high school), and Samuel L. Jackson had yet to hook-up with every movie from every genre that has come out of Hollywood since…

Pulp Fiction was a non-linear masterpiece. One scene has become the stuff of legend.  Try as we might, and 197,000 Google results later, I am still at a loss as to what was in that briefcase.

When Travolta (Vincent Vega) opens up that now infamous briefcase and finds himself illuminated by a bright light, Quentin Tarantino left us all wondering, “what’s in that thing?”

Tarantino dismisses all guesses by denying any meaning at all.  Sorry sir, but it means something, like giving Mia Wallace a ‘foot massage’ meant something.

Dating is less complicated, but like the film, you are rarely told, “I am never ever ever going to call you again”, or conversely, “I am never ever ever going to pick up the phone when you call.”

This heartache and confusion can be explained, whereas the Pulp Fiction briefcase will remain urban legend.

Here’s a short list of some of the more obvious signs that the call isn’t coming or the call will not be answered.  Fill in more as you like…

1.  She orders as if she’s expensing the meal on a corporate card.   The call will not be answered (but thanks for the fine dining).

2.  He says “we should do this again sometime” and no time is mentioned.  You might be waiting somewhere between now and never for that phone call.

3.  She ends the date by saying that “the next month is just so busy for me with work and family coming in and MY NOT answering your phone calls.”