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Listen Up Guys: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Date!

Last week we posted a link to an article by Ashley Twigg about dating don’ts. At the request of one of our Twitter followers, who commented that this list was very “female-focused,” here are 10 things that guys should not do on the first date:

1.      Drink tequila.  Yes, we stole this from the original post.  Yes, it applies to men, too.  Don’t get drunk on a date.

2.       Talk about your exes.  Also stolen from the original post.  But women may actually appear to be interested in your ex.  This is a trap!  Don’t fall for it.  No ex talk.  Period.

3.       Show up late.  Don’t keep a lady waiting.  It is rude.  Of course things happen so if you are going to be late, call or send a text as soon as you know you will be late.

4.       Pick a date spot right around the corner from your apartment.  This suggests you are either a) lazy or b) hoping to hook up after the date.  Even if you are both of those things, keep it to yourself and select a spot for something other than proximity to your couch.

5.       Wait until the last minute to make plans.  A lady likes to have some time to prepare for the date.  Waiting until an hour before the date to confirm plans is inconsiderate and will definitely set the date off on the wrong foot.  Plan ahead.

6.       Dress like a slob.  Sure, she should like you for who you are, even if you happen to be a slob.  But put on a clean shirt and tuck it in.

7.       Be rude to the waiter.  Rudeness is not attractive.  Even if the service is slow or they messed up your drink order, be kind and polite.

8.       Flirt with the waitress.  Caveat to #7.  Also avoid checking out other women while on the date.  If it turns out that you and your date are destined for coupledom, it is likely that she will at some point catch you checking out other women.  But not on a first date.  Or on the first few dates.

9.       Say you will call if you don’t intend to.  If a future date is not in the cards, just say good night and nothing more.  There is no need for false promises.  That said, if you did have a good time and want to go out again, it is okay to ask her for a second date at the end of the first.  No need to play games.

10.   Have sex.  Stolen from OP once again but it bears repeating.  If it is meant to be, there is plenty of time for sex.  But get to know each other first.

Our number 1 DO for men in the dating world is to project confidence.  We have seen some of the best looking guys fall prey to their own insecurities and sabotage future dates.  So put on a smile, look your lady in the eye and have fun!  Keep an open mind and an open heart.