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Is Your Partner Just Tolerating You?


Do you feel that your partner is just “tolerating” you versus accepting you?  That’s a feeling that doesn’t sit well with many people who are in a relationship.  Acceptance is critical.

Please read the below article in “Bustle”, which tackles this very question.

Check Brooke Wise out at #1, featured in Bustle’s “8 Signs Your Partner Is Tolerating You Rather Than Accepting You”.

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Can Mother Time Help My Relationship?

Do you often find yourself wondering if your relationship can get better with time?  Or are the issues just too big to overcome and the relationship is irretrievably broken?

Please read the below article in “Bustle”, which tackles the above questions.

Check Brooke Wise out at #3, featured in Bustle’s  “7 Major Relationship Problems That Can Get Better Over Time And Ones That Won’t” .

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Brooke’s Latest from The Huffington Post: “The Right Side”

It is Oscar season again, which means Hollywood has saved its more cerebral films for release.  I do not know what the cerebral film means exactly, except that historically Marvel comic movies tend not to be in the conversation.  That aside, Tom Ford, notably a fashion icon turned movie director, has released Nocturnal Animals, a film which has now become a part of the award conversation.

Recently, I watched an interview with Ford, who is easy on the eyes.  He described that he only liked to be photographed or interviewed on his good side.  This got me thinking that it is near impossible to control one’s good side on social media.  Sure, you can post a portrait or photograph for which you have artistic control.  More times than not, you are in a group picture and at the mercy of someone else’s camera phone.

After they capture sides of you that you never thought existed or cared to know about, these pictures are blasted into the public space.  Many times, these photographs might preserve memories but they are uniquely unflattering photographs.  Then what…

Too often people will stare at social media photographs and make an instant decision about dating someone who, unlike Ford, has sacrificed their good side in favor of the group picture.

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Brooke’s Latest from The Huffington Post: “The Virtual Love Affair…”

FB Image

At dawn, you quietly retreat to another room.  You can hardly control this impulse.

At breakfast, you throw your inhibitions to the wind as you stare into the abyss of what is quietly and slowly eating away at your commitment to a newfound relationship.

This love affair of yours is the by-product of Harvard minds.  Whether it was started by two athletic twins or the slightly awkward guy who wears the gray t-shirts, Facebook has become a central part of the culture.

Facebook is entertaining and informative. The unintended or intended consequences of its use is that it can be a habit-forming platform and can potentially damage relationships or prevent someone from entering into one.

There is no surgeon general warning attached to Facebook over-usage, but are we fooling ourselves?  It was not until the second half of the twentieth century that the dangers of smoking became a part of public discourse.

How will society view us in 100 years?  Will they say, “oh, they just did not know any better…the link between Facebook and…”

What we do know is that we are never alone with Facebook on our phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc…It’s comforting, and we all lean on it a bit.  But to what end?

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